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Have you heard of Pret A Manger? They make natural food by hand and donate unsold food to charities at the end of the day. They started in London and have made their way to New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C., so today was the last day I’ll ever eat them! I had a crazy filling roast beef, arugula, and parmesan baguette, but I was so distracted by the iPhone 5 announcement that I didn’t take a picture :-(

But hey, this salad looks pretty good too.


Oooooh I love Pret! Grabbed a yummy lunch from there to eat on the go in London yesterday.

OK, minus the likelihood that that is tuna in the middle (EW, mayo), I just HATED Pret when I lived in London.  Mayo on everything!  If you want a no crust sandwich with a piece of meat or chicken salad and mayo, ask yo mama.  But this actually looks good.  What the heck?